Getting all ready for 2018? I originally wrote this post last year but felt the need to update it and push it because I felt you guys didn’t get to read it earlier for some reason I don’t know πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. Anyways you can thank me later and the 2nd part is going to be for girls.

1.How do you know what clothes to buy for the next semester

2.Where do you shop

3.Do you usually have a budget

4.Do you buy clothes to impress people or it’s just your thing.

5.How would you encourage someone that wants to dress like you to shop for good stuff with a affordable prices. Najib Suara

The first person is Najib Suara

His reply was:

1. Lol, next semester just buying the necessary things needed that you can’t do without. Nicely tailored clothes.

2. I shop online and here in Lagos (no particular store) I really don’t have any particular place but I love top man.

3. Nah I don’t, I can’t remember the last time I planned to shop it’s always unplanned, if I see what I like that catches my eye I might want to buy

4. What I like.

5. Lol if it’s online pray for it to be the same thing you see online because it might not be as good as it looks online when delivered to you. But for pricing it depends on what you are buying. The higher the quality, the more expensive it is in most cases. Sammy Gatsby

The second person is Sammy Gatsby and here’s what he had to say.

1. I have actually graduated but I actually randomly buy clothes

I try to change my look everytime

Sometimes I buy clothes I wouldn’t wear till the next semester just so I don’t miss the opportunity of finding it again

2. I shop anywhere actually but mostly online shopping (konga , jumia , asos , topman , dealdey, haq otaru shoes , overalls shoes and my friends coming back to Nigeria buy things for me )

3. Ofcourse I do , everyone trying to buy stuff should definitely have a budget else you are a lavish spender

4. My clothes are for me mainly cause I like to look good but they turn out to be liked by others

5. Sometimes when you don’t have a lot of money just wait for sales lol cause you would buy more than you even expect but I don’t advise you dress like me , you can get style inspiration from me but make it unique in your own way.

Akin Faminu

The last person is Akin faminu.

1. Most times I do these things spontaneously, according to what’s trending on the international scene and inspiration.

2. I don’t dress to impress

3. Β What I like

4. It’s not necessarily the most expensive things that are the most stylish

5. You need to have eyes for good

The last person here is John Okoronkwo

1. I don’t necessarily shop for “next semester” , I just shop from time to time, when I see an outfit or accessories I like, and it smiles with my budget I just buy it. No shopping period for me.

2. Usually I shop online, 90 percent, but due to the recent international online shopping bann, I shop 65 percent via Instagram stores and 35 percent malls/boutiques.

3. Yes I do budget, so I won’t be thrown of balance, plus I am a student (I equally work tho, but its not full time) so it’s only smart I budget.

4. Honestly just my thing, I derive REAL Joy from Looking extremely fly!

5. Fashion always has a Trend, 24/7, 365 days, season by season, Basically watch out for these trends, dont copy, define your style from these trends, create a wardrobe budget shop within that budget, buy only things that matter, not things u “may” like, then u end up not wearing, (I rather have 5 unique shoes than 20 regular looking shoes), make it your thing to like looking good, if you try to impress you will over do it and you end up looking like struggle. Attention and attraction are added values to looking Good, so don’t push it, so Just ENJOY looking Good, it is a process.


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