Happy new year to you all 😊, we want to share with you trends forecasts for 2019 so you have an idea on what the fashion scene will be looking like. For those of us that’ll be decluttering our closets, now we can know what items to keep and those to let go.

Some of the trends last year will still make it to into 2019 such as

Sequins: if you didn’t own one last year it’s fine you’d still get a chance to own it this year in even finer styles.

here we see @hafymo wear a sequins skirt.

Snakeskin: yes the print was worn in 2018 maybe it didn’t make a prominent mark but hey it’s coming in grand style in 2019. here is @ladivamillen in head to toe ensemble of snake skin.

@ladyvhodka in orange and black snakeskin print pants


As seen here on @odunsitheengine

While some trends have been predicted to make their own debut

Marigold yellow: be ready to brighten up your look this year with this color. we love how @sai.sankoh paired hers with pink.

Statement sleeves: designers such as Marc Jacobs made this indication in their spring/summer 19 collection.



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