Yes I know I am a fan of the saying ‘what goes around comes back around’. But in 2018, there are some trends that you let stay in 2017.The world of fashion creates complete new rules every year.

1. Denim (jeans): let’s swap our denim for cargo pants. If possible in camouflage, it looks really nice.

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2.chokers: I think we’ve seen every type of it that could exist. As cool as it is, I think we’ve had enough and let’s swap it for some statement jewelry instead.

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3. T-shirts with funny print: in 2018 its time to wear prints that express how you feel. What you wear should express your thoughts.

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4. Skater Merch: this trend was everywhere in 2017, I saw more than enough. Although I never owned one; not sure why but if you do it’s time to fold it and keep it at the bottom of your closet for now.

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5: off the shoulder: I am one person that loves this trend so much, but yes I am getting bored of it. I declared here how I won’t be getting any more here. Well it’s just in time because it’s a trend to let go in 2018 at least for now.

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  1. Pls they all really need to go especially off shoulders, this year is for sleeves

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