I am currently seated in a couch with legs on a stool, and my tummy is filled with spaghetti and beefπŸ˜ƒ. I just ended a road trip; if you would permit me to call it that. I came to Lagos for the Easter break and it took me about 7 hours before I finally got home.

This is not my first time going home in a public transport; but I don’t just know what prompted me to wear a white top. My best outfit is a shift dress but I decided to swap it for a fitted top and skirt; Which I thank God I did. Because you don’t need extra clothes that you’d have to be thinking about. Also my hair was pulled up,so I didn’t have to worry about it getting in my way when it got breezy during the trip.

I had my sunglasses which is also a necessity when traveling on the road.

I opted for sandals because it’s a comfortable foot wear for me just in case my leg swells.

My plan was to order for a ride online when I get to Lagos, but a friend suggested we take the bus instead. I take buses in Lagos but I wasn’t so comfortable because of the big bags we were carrying. I agreed to take the bus but I knew in my heart it was going to be hell. The woman on my left kept searching for things in her bag and writing in a book. The woman on my right had a child in her lap and was a fish seller. The smell was horrible, from the sweat to the smell of fish. The writing woman was trying to make a conversation with me about how it rained in some part and it didn’t in another part of Lagos. I wasn’t really concentrating on what she was saying because the little girl was now asleep and resting comfortably on me.

I most definitely won’t be wearing a white top next time I would be on the road for that long, black is not advisable because of the heat. You could wear green, grey or blue.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, because the experience was fun for me. Let me know what you think below.

❀️ Toyosi


Toyosi Azeez is a fashion entrepreneur and creative director of Weise. She started this blog in 2016. My style can be defined as being retro, simple and unique. This blog is me writing every and anything I think about. Welcome to my thoughts literally.


  1. Lol . Mine was ruined when I had to wait almost 2hours before the bus became full .

    • Lol I can imagine, we didn’t have a problem with that because most private university students were going home.

  2. Carrying big bags is better with private ride.Thank God the experience was fun tho, and you got home safe.

    • Big bags are good so you can put your things inside instead of just dropping them on your lap which could fall off in the bus. Yes it was fun Thank God I got home without a scratch. ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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