if you didn’t know that I was a fashion designer, now let me tell you formally that I design and sew clothes. I thought I was quite conversant with the terms used until ‘one day’. Yes, one day I met a well known fashion designer and she asked me what part of fashion designing I focus my attention more on. And then I said Urban wears,she asked again and I said urban wears. She shook her head and said there’s nothing called urban wears but urban wear. I didn’t know this because I never researched or actual listen to people say the word, I assumed I knew it. I was embarrassed and shocked obviously but since that day I usually make sure I know what I am saying.

This is just to encourage us to know all about what we do. Also, you need to sell yourself as fast as you can. You’ll be shocked if you find out how many people doing the same thing you do. They can offer what you offer if not better, so every chance you get talk about what you do. But once again know what you want to say, don’t go and say nonsense like me 😩.

please let me know if you’ve had a similar experience like mine in the comment section.

Toyosi ❤️


Toyosi Azeez is a fashion entrepreneur and creative director of Weise. She started this blog in 2016. My style can be defined as being retro, simple and unique. This blog is me writing every and anything I think about. Welcome to my thoughts literally.


  1. Oh don’t be so harsh on yourself…it’s merely a way to call some terms…that doesn’t mean you don’t know what you do….The speech is not that important…what and how you do something makes you different…I love your fashion sense…I m sure there is a list of things that we don’t know and we learn them each passing day….but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know what we are doing …..Good that you shared it…Its some times embarrassing to here about such things….but be confident …Often many people will come your way
    .. trying to teach something…but sometimes trying to make you feel down…. don’t get trapped… You keep learning…keep loving the job…and Be the way you are…..stay blessed 😃😍😘

    • I was thinking the exact same thing – the difference between urban wears and urban wear is just how you say it. The meaning is the same except for plurality! Then again maybe there is a difference and I don’t know it (since I’m not a designer) but it might just be a case of a person being uppity about the ‘correct term’. Like if someone who speaks a different language were to say the same term they might say it slightly differently but you can still figure out the meaning.

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