A lot of us usually confuse the two, some of the self proclaimed designers/ stylists actually do this too. Fashion designing involves conceptualizing and creating garments while fashion styling involves selecting clothes and accessories that should be paired for an advertisement or editorial.

This above does not dispute the fact that one person can be both; yes, some people are that creative. The job of the fashion designer typically is to sketch the outfit/ item, create the pattern, pick the fabrics and sew the garment. The work of the fashion designer is to bring his sketch to life.

The job of a fashion stylist varies as he/she may be hired for different purposes. A fashion stylist should have good eye for matching different clothes and accessories appropriate for different events; such as red carpet, everyday job outfits, fashion editorials and advertisements.

Some of us that don’t know what kind of outfit is suitable for our body shape; what colors are suitable for our skin tone. You need to call on a fashion stylist to help you with that.

Ladies and gentlemen please use the comment box to tell us which fashion designer/ stylist you’d like us to interview. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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