I have heard some girls say they are not into tshirts, and I just wonder why because it’s one of those things that should always make up your wardrobe. I guess they just don’t know the power of a tshirt; It doesn’t have to be a tshirt Β and denim every time to give you a casual look. It can literally be worn anytime to anywhere.

1. T shirt and denim: yes I admit it looks good, but you could just throw a jacket over your t shirt or tie a scarf or bandana around your neck to make it look really good.

t shirt, denim jacket and bandana

2. T shirt and suiting: I must say this looks better than t shirt and denim. In my own opinion and in this case applies to men too. And it’s work appropriate too.

tshirt and sleek suiting (male)
tshirt and sleek suiting

3. T shirt and slip dress: your t shirt can be worn under your slip dress, sometimes not to show too much skin. But most importantly it makes it look really cool does anyone agree with me.

4. Thirsts and overalls: this is another way to put on a t shirt.

5. T shirt and skirts: it could be a mini, midi or maxi skirt, the t shirt doesn’t discriminate.

tshirt and mini skirt
tshirt and midi skirt

6.floral or colorful bottoms: there are some prints of pants or skirts that some of us own and we probably have never worn them before. Mostly because we feel it’s too loud or what not, the best way to tone it down and give it an effortless look and feel is of course when styled with a tee.

The best thing I love about a tee is how you can make a statement with it without saying actual words. Although plain Tshirts also look really good.


Outfit details for Tshirt and midi skirt

Tshirt:Β Weise

Midi skirt: topshop

Shoes: Vincci.

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Toyosi Azeez is a fashion entrepreneur and creative director of Weise. She started this blog in 2016. My style can be defined as being retro, simple and unique. This blog is me writing every and anything I think about. Welcome to my thoughts literally.

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