After finally making the right samples of these tees; although I had the designs for about 2 months already. It was time to plan the photo shoot; my shoot for my ss18 t-shirts didn’t go as planned so I wanted this to be different. I created a mood board of the poses, location and how I wanted everything to look in general. Now that I had all of that planned, I needed a model and a photographer and my brother was the first person I thought of. I showed him the poses of the male model and tried to explain everything to him.

The first thing he had issues with was the location, how are we going to be taking pictures in such a public place and he’d have to sit on the floor too!!! I had to convince him that it’s a quiet road and we could have him sit on something so he’s not entirely sitting on the floor. His mind was ready, the day of the shoot was set; it was time for me to pick my first batch of samples from the manufacturer and it was thrash 😩😩😩.  That means we need new samples and of course a new date for the shoot.

The photographer was busy and the rain was unpredictable; the new samples came out great so that was no longer an issue, so we kept pushing the date of the shoot. We finally found a date that was comfortable for everyone and we had a great shoot!

These t-shirts are available for sale and can be shipped anywhere! Click here to place an order for any of your favorites.


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