For those of us that are not Nigerian, buba ( it is a traditional attire worn by women in Nigeria and it’s called buba in the western part. It is usually complemented with a matching wrapper called “iro”)

I have been wanting to style my mums buba for almost a year now, finally I did it. I ditched the wrapper and complemented my moms buba with a pair of mom jeans.

when I told my mum that I was going to borrow one of her bubas and wear it out, she laughed and said go and take it now. She actually thought I was joking, but she didn’t know that I had cooked it up in my head for a whole year now. I picked this one because I liked the print and it has a pop of orange.

After I wore it with the jeans it looked big and stupid but then I decided to treat it like an oversized T-shirt so I knotted it.

Choosing the right pair of shoes was a bit of a hassle as it didn’t look good with flats or sneakers, so I had to pair it with heels.

Although I had cooked up the outfit in my head, I just didn’t plan how I was going to take a picture of it. I ended up at the Nike Art Gallery, although I had been there before; it didn’t feel like it because this time I went there in search of adire fabrics and yes sneaked in a few pictures.

Do you think I styled the buba in a nice way, and would you ever try wearing your mums buba if you are Nigerian? Please let me know your thoughts ladies.

Love always ❤️


Toyosi Azeez is a fashion entrepreneur and creative director of Weise. She started this blog in 2016. My style can be defined as being retro, simple and unique. This blog is me writing every and anything I think about. Welcome to my thoughts literally.


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      And you know I love you more Ada ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      Aww thank you so much love, I appreciate 🙏🙏🙏

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