After looking at pictures of celebrities from the vma 2017; starting with Heidi Klum to Amber Rose and her beau. All I could see was lots of skin. Well it looked good to me because they all have amazing bodies.

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The host of the show Katy Perry also looked nice, the first piece she wore was the best for me.

Katy Perry
Some bold outfits were also seen and although i don’t like them much. Mel B’S outfit i am in love with though; its a way of just passing a message to someone or people without saying actual words.

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My best dressed goes to Lorde

I love everything about the dress, the color lilac to the feathers. And although it’s not sheer, it reveals just enough skin. I love love this dress

My worst dressed goes to Miley Cyrus my first thought when I saw this was ok, then I looked closely. I think the idea was to wear anything that matched the color of her hair.

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