Pastel colours have proven to be more than just a passing craze overtime. The concept also happens to be a regular summertime staple. Therefore, the need to adopt a few tips to this trend arises. Not just to follow the Bandwagon but to take advantage of the heat-deflecting ability of these milky (and sugary) shades. As we know, darker shades absorb heat while lighter shades deflect heat rays.

A couple of stylists would define pastels as a mix of any colour and white, giving it its washed-out quality. A lot of people aren’t too keen on rocking light, washed-out shades, especially the men. Men are more accustomed to wearing darker shades such as Black, Grey and Navy Blue. But come summertime, there should be a wardrobe adjustment.

These colours (e.g. Mauve, Periwinkle, Baby Blue etc.), often identified as de-saturated or soft, apparently give off a soothing aura. So, read on and learn how to step out into “Naija Sun” with panache!

Ways to Wear

Not that there is a whole constitution of ways-to-wear-pastels. But, as fashion is art itself, you need a proper blend of these colours in order to appear presentable and stylish. For this, a couple of unwritten laws exists.

Pastels and a Neutral Base

Being a newbie to such a trend, it’s best you match pastels with a neutral base. Mixing and matching these “ice cream” colours is always a tricky task. It’s best to play it safe with neutral-coloured pants. Think White, Black or Earthy tones. You can complete this ensemble with a neutral footwear as well.

Try to complete this look with a neutral-coloured footwear to always play safe. The trick sometimes is in the shoes.

Neutral Top with Pastel Coloured Pants

A lot of you guys already have been doing this since whenever you started wearing washed-out Blue jeans. Yep! But, you most definitely will agree that it’s an entirely different thing to wear Asparagus or washed-out Pink or any of the aforementioned pastels. Actually, this style plays out well in a good number of places especially on the beaches (as summer is here). Think Aquamarine shorts and a bright light Yellow top.

Pastel vs. Pastel

For the confident fashion aficionados and the daring, you can easily opt for an all-through pastel ensemble. Yes, colour blocking is exactly what I mean. But be careful to create an appropriate blend of pastels. If it means you studying colours that match and don’t, then follow suit.

This situation allows either a neutral-coloured or pastel-coloured footwear as long as it’s a perfect blend. The pastel suits too are totally in this season as well. So trying one on for a ball room event or even to your churches on a Sunday. Though, it’s usually advised that dark-skinned people should steer clear from peachy pink hues as they do not complement such skin colour. But making a fashion statement is often about breaking the rules, at the same time erring on the right side. If you know how to pull off the pastel suit look, then please, by all means, help yourself—and others who don’t know, by teaching them.

Pastel and “Non-pastel”

Remember, pastels are de-saturated colours. Matching these de-saturated colours with their saturated counterparts is always a smart way to nail the pastel look. This, also, is another form of colour blocking as we have it. Think Sky Blue top and an Ink Blue shorts or pants with a neutral-coloured footwear to accentuate the look.

These are just the basic tips to help guide your choices for the pastel look. If you’re pretty good at matching colours then this task shouldn’t seem a daunting one. Experimenting with colours is a sure way to make a fashion statement. So…Create, Explore, Expand, Conquer!

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