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Social media week Lagos. #SMWLagos.

2018 theme: closer

Social media is an important factor that helps us, it helps our business grow, it makes us more learned. Social media week Lagos is a conference that provides the insights and inspiration to help people and business understand how to achieve more in a hyper connected world.

Day one: The conference kicked off with a conversation with John momoh, channels TV on the future of broadcast Media. The focus of the discussion were trends in journalism. He also quoted that people should look out for brands they can trust. The AfricanNXT Annex also featured Artyrama in conversation with Peru Alatise on the importance of collaborating in the art sector. I learnt that as an artist incorporating social into your work helps to grow your craft globally. Kemi Akindoju advised that ‘In order to win your audience over, avoid constantly throwing out ‘preachy’ content that directly tell the audience what to do.’

Day two: Day two of SMWLagos was about making Lagos the innovation capital of Africa. Different panelists shared their experience on how to scale up the Lagos market globally.

Day three: The 3rd day was tagged music day and topics discussed included maximizing your ROA (return on attention), tech village (what’s hot and what’s not) amongst others.

Day four: Topics from the 4th day includes, Social Media Vs E-commerce where is the real money? Building your Digital empire.

Day Five:the event came to an end on the 2nd of March

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