As we find ourselves in a different season, its only necessary to make a few wardrobe adjustments, especially on this side of the globe. We should learn to adapt to the seasonal changes of our weather by firstly (or secondly for those that don’t have jeep during rainy season in waterlogged areas) updating wardrobe items to suit whatever change. In the dry season, we go for items which are lighter in material and shade. In rainy season, we go for items heavy and thick in both material and shade. So, to avoid going through the lengthy process of finding out what and what to prioritize over, we present just two summertime tips that are totally in this season.

Cuban Collar Shirt.

The Cuban collar or camp collar shirt is back again. Not that it should come as a surprise as designers like Louis Vuitton and the likes began sending models strutting along the runway in 2014. Though the exact period is unknown, it is said to have originated in South America, made as a sort of uniform for workers. The Cuban collar shirt became popular in the ‘50s, becoming a wardrobe essential for men. The famous Elvis Presley is known for this style. We also have the eclectic Pharrell Williams and modish Harry Styles slaying in this piece though in their own different styles.

The Cuban collar shirt comes short sleeve, possessing an open notch lapel-like collar, boxy cut and a straight hem. Now it comes both in its traditional and modern, more fitting variations. The camp collar shirt can be worn underneath a blazer. This isn’t anything new as bonus points are even awarded (if done right) for wearing the Cuban collar over the blazer lapel.

Do well to experiment with colours and various patterns, matching them with nice beach shorts or pants as well. In a more contemporary style, a t-shirt could be worn underneath a wide open camp collar shirt. Although, a plain t-shirt or one with less detail. Being a must-own item this season, there’s no risk in this kind of investment as the Cuban collar shirts have been a wardrobe style essential for decades.

Midnight Blue: The New Black.

Midnight Blue is a dark shade of blue—that bears resemblance to the hue of a night sky around a full moon. Under the sunlight, Midnight Blue happens to be recognizably blue, although it appears black under artificial lighting. This makes the colour so perfect for a dinner suit; in fact, it might seem a perfect alternative to the trite fashion statements made with black at black tie events, especially weddings.

Traditionally, the black tie concept is expected to attribute every man in attendance a standardized uniform look. Inasmuch as you hope to follow the rules and not fault, you most definitely wouldn’t mind standing out in style. Making Midnight Blue your choice for such an event is a first step to wowing others attendant (You may even have to keep it low-key—007—in order not to upstage the groom).

According to a couple of fashion bloggers, Midnight Blue is traditionally correct for a black tie event. Now the next question is what kind of suit to wear? Going for the three-piece or contemporary two-piece? In whatever case, the colour’s beauty is further accentuated by matching it with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie (try a traditional bow tie and not a knotted clip-on).


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