Because I felt it was a brunch I dressed a little rather casually, like I was going to hang out with my girlfriends but then I switched my sneakers for a pair of block heels I was late to the event as usual, when I got there only two speakers were present and answering questions; they were the CEOs of Olorisupergal and Omogemura. The third speaker Toyosi Gregory Jonah joined us later on.


Toyosi Gregory Jonah, Toyosi Azeez and ceo olori supergirl.


It was a nice event, I met a couple of other bloggers and I think I got to know about four of them rather personally. One being my senior back in high school and another graduated from my university.

There was another blogger who is actually my friend and she was even the one that invited me to the brunch. Her name is Lolade Olayioye her blog address is

A big shoutout to for the party pack and it actually contained something useful



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