I have been wanting to visit the lekki conservation center for as long as I can remember. And finally I found people that share the same passion as myself; my friends Lolade Olayioye and Bola Akinlaja.

A little history about the conservation center.

1. It was founded in 1989 and since then they have left it like that. You’re not allowed to cut the trees, trim them or anything.

2. The animals are not caged and also not fed; they ‘hustle’ for themselves lol. That’s why the monkeys will take your food if they sight it.

3.It is a swampy area and you should be expecting to see Reptiles (although I didn’t see any).I was excited to go on the famous canopy walk. To be honest that was the only reason why I went self🤣. 3 tips to make the canopy walk easy.

1. Wear comfortable clothing and minimal makeup: you don’t want to wear a short flare dress that’s going to come up when it gets windy. Or heels that you won’t be able to walk well. Basically dress like you’re going for a laid back work out.

2. Keep your accessories simple: my friends lost her earrings; although she believes the monkey took them lol. And no big bags; I gave mine to our amazing tour guide (Chidi) although it wasn’t big. But I was happy it wasn’t there to get in the way.

3. Don’t rush: take a step at a time, don’t start feeling confident and running. My friend was so scared but there was another amazing guide (Moyo) who helped us go through the whole process easily.

Yeah I wish I had these tips earlier probably I would have opted for a very light tee, ripped jeans (to allow air) and sneakers. I wore a jumpsuit and these sandals that I turned to slippers just for a very comfortable and laidback feel.we had to climb so high to get to this tree house; I am not sure how many feet but trust me it’s high. And I was told there was a very nice background there for taking pictures. And this made me even more interested in going up there, only to get there and there was no actual background made. It was a natural background they meant and although I was a little disappointed at first; I actually loved it after I settled down and I could think. So yeah overall it had an amazing view.overall it was an amazing trip. I spent just #2000 because I didn’t pay for the family pack. And please go with a bottle of water at least; remember I said it’s a laid back work out guys.My experience was a fun one and yes I would be going back. Not sure when though 😊. Thanks for stopping by guys I really appreciate it


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