These questions will allow you to know what the people you’re designing for want. You don’t want to design for a particular set of people and they won’t buy. I met a lady once, she’s a designer who lives in a foreign country ( can’t remember the name). She said her target market were the young girls and then she found out that it was the older women that bought her clothes. She was designing sheer clothes that were colorful but the younger ones preferred wearing black and covered all parts of their body.

So, your designs may be amazing but if you don’t understand the people you want to sell to; it might not suit their style.

1. What stores do they shop?

2. What can they afford?

3. What do they do in their free time?

4. Are they in school?

5. Where do they work?

6. Where do they live?

7. Where do they eat?

8. What websites do they visit?

A few of these questions might seem irrelevant, but it won’t do you any harm to try and answer them right?

Please let me know if answering these questions has helped you in any way. I will be anticipating your reply.

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