Contrary to what you might think about fashion trends, a lot of work actually go into it. fashion and trend forecasting is the prediction of mood, behaviour and buying habits of a consumer at particular time of season. Fashion trend forecast calculates (season, target market, consumer, colours, fabrics, silhouette, texture, usage). it is actually a tasking and calculating job. There are usually a team of people who focus on gathering the information needed that’s further transformed to data, compiled and repackaged into analyses that illustrate emerging trends. I don’t think one should have to go through all this just to know what trend is about to emerge or to be able to set a trend. subscription based sites such as WGSN and Style sight which are now one have simplified it and would provide its subscribers all they need to know about trends to emerge. if you’re a fashion lover and cant afford to subscribe to these sites. you can just open a Tumblr account and follow them there that way you still stay connected and know what’s trending or about to emerge. Websites such as will also keep you updated ☺️☺️. Also we now have our no 1 influencing App instagram which will also keep you updated!

Although there’s this famous quote ‘don’t be into trends, don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you are and the way you want to live. ~Gianni Versace’

So as Toyosi Azeez, I would say wear anything you feel comfortable in but don’t throw away that good piece of clothing, just because it looks ridiculous to you today; you might have to pay so much to own it again tomorrow.

Be you and who knows you could also set a trend.

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I wear trendy pieces some times too, if I like it and don’t have to go out of my way to own one then why not!

Do you wear trendy pieces and colors?????


Toyosi Azeez is a fashion entrepreneur and creative director of Weise. She started this blog in 2016. My style can be defined as being retro, simple and unique. This blog is me writing every and anything I think about. Welcome to my thoughts literally.

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